Humanity vs. untamed technology

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Artificial Intelligence can be created by anyone. There is no limitation on what can be created, at this stage. There is not a World Bureau of Future Technology, to monitor and register all innovations. There is not a provision on weapons or war craft. This leaves all of humanity open for abuse. As a result of this, there should be a defined course of action that must be implemented, with haste. 

We explore the thought, in the book, that there is an immediate need for lawful regulation, on untamed technology. A million questions go through the mind when considering the future of humans, given that there is so much to consider and so many unknown factors.

 If humans have been responsible for war, cannibalism, slavery, poverty, racism, religion, social caste systems, etc… How can we guarantee that the people building artificially intelligent machines are going to make the right or safe choice for all of humanity?  

This is not just any book. This book is a call to action!

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Your support of this book will help to promote the message that we need to begin looking at safeguards for our human existence and that we cannot rely on the government to do so without our making it and agenda. 

Please support our pre-launch at $9.99 to help push this book to the forefront of a public conversation. It is not a matter of if people need protection, it is just a matter of when we will need it. The time is coming and we need to do something now.