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Qweenly Co. About Information for All Especially Women

Women haven't always had a fare shake in life or in business. Now we are seeing a turn of events unlike anyone has ever seen before. This is where we win. Qweenly Co. is dedicated to pushing the re-invention of the future with innovation made for and by women. For us by is not often the case and we are seeking to build bridges for women to find pathways to success in innovative space.  

Working With The Crown

The future already was happening when we realized it. It is  imperative that entrepreneurs know what's to come. Qweenly Co. trains  founders and their companies to utilize emerging technology changes and  innovations, to Survive the Technology Driven Future. Check out some of  our offers if your company is seeking

  • - Business Funding
  • - Business Credit
  • - Business Solutions
  • - IT Consulting Services
  • - IT Staffing Solutions

The Vision Of The Crown

Qweenly Co. delivers top quality experiences that go beyond the expectation of each client and aid to expand the mindset of individual client needs. This is why we offer customized experiences for every company we cater to.  

The aim for Qweenly Co., is to be number one for the innovation of products that are made for and by women. We aim to not just consult but in the very near future, deliver products that the world is waiting for from innovation crafted by women. 

We deliver start to finish processes for the creation of innovative ideas. You never know we may just be creators ourselves.


Cairo so you know

She is not the RED PILL or the Oracle, but she may just be the eye-opener your company needs to stay alive and thrive. Cairo 4.0, is a Technology Adaptation and Awareness Subject Matter Expert. She is a futurism coach for those who have yet to catch up with the wave of technology, that many people are not yet aware of.


The process for user adoption can be challenging for both the users and the creators. There is a great divide in the world of tech geeks verses tech civilians or the technologically unconscious. Qweenly Co. is constantly growth hacking to stay ahead of the curve that technology brings to those who create commerce, to prevent future failures and coach people to happy automated experiences. At Qweenly Co we have extensive history  technology experience and use cases. 

The future already was happening when we realized it. It is imperative that everyday people know what's to come. At Qweenly Co. we teach everyday people how to utilize coming technology changes and innovations, to Survive the Technology Driven Future.


People don't know what they don't know. People are hit by cars when crossing the street when they are distracted by loud music on their head phones and they are not paying attention. That is exactly what is happening with the ever growing world of technology and everyday people. They are not paying attention to what is coming and how it will impact them. 

Qweenly Co. is not hear to help everyone, but we can try to help the few that will listen before the big hit comes. 



Artificial Intelligence can be created by anyone. There is no limitation on what can be created, at this stage. There is not a World Bureau of Future Technology, to monitor and register all innovations. There is not a provision on weapons or war craft. This leaves all of humanity open for abuse. As a result of this, there should be a defined course of action that must be implemented, with haste. 

Book cover for the latest book  by Cairo 4.0 AKA Cairo Qween, Humanity vs. Untamed Technology.

Book cover for the latest book  by Cairo 4.0 AKA Cairo Qween, Humanity vs. Untamed Technology.